Helping you find the right 3D printer for your needs.

I started as a way to help people find a 3D printer that suits their needs.

You can be looking for your first 3D printer, or already have a printing farm and looking to add a new printer to your collection, I hope that I am able to give you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

The site

As I’m writing this on 13th April 2021, I am working on the main site for The site will have a list of popular and easily available hobby/semi-professional 3D printers.

My vision is to have a simple interface where you can answer a few basic questions about your 3D printing needs and the site will display 3D printers which match your requirements.

My plan is to have the site up and running by 25th April 2021. At lauch it will only contain a few of the most popular printers, but I will keep adding more as time goes on, hopefully making this a more useful resource.

The blog

This is the blog. Here I will write about anything I find interesting about 3D printers and 3D printing.

I own 2 3D printers at the moment, a Prusa Mini+ and an Artillery Genius. I am quite happy with both of them. I got my first printer; the Artillery Genius, about 4 months ago. I’ve learned a great deal about 3D printing since then. I’ll be sharing some of that knowledge here.

I am also very interested in getting better at 3D designing & printing, and so regularly watch Youtube videos on the topic. I’ll also be sharing any interesting videos I find here, along with a short summary in some cases.

Other stuff

Are there any affiliate links in the blog or the main site?

Yes. I plan to use these affililate links (and also some advertisement banners in the future) to generate enough money to both keep the site up and fund my 3D printing hobby.